Proper fuel containment is critical to safe refueling operations, especially when crews are working outside an airport environment.  AFTCO’s secondary containment system is a fully enclosed system with 110% capacity.  It safeguards the entire fuel storage in the unlikely event of a fuel tank or supply line rupture.  This system offers peace of mind in ecologically sensitive environments such as national forests or near major water supplies and wetlands.

Traditionally, off-airport refueling means relying on a berm-style containment tarp.  These can weigh up to 3500 pounds, are subject to tearing, and require substantial set-up and take-down time.  AFTCO’s secondary containment system is fast and worry-free, saving you time and money to give you a competitive advantage.

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  • 110% secondary containment for 5000 US gallons
  • Available for transport anywhere in the US or Canada, including remote areas
  • Affordable buying/leasing prices
  • Front storage compartment for tools and supplies
  • Side mounted blade racks for aircraft maintenance
  • Trailer mounted fueling system powered by a Gorman Rupp/Stratton Briggs fuel pump and engine, certified to dispense flammable liquids
  • Fuel Pump adjusted for 30 gpm
  • System mounted Velcon 61E one micron fuel filter
  • Bottom load valves for fuel resupply
  • Fuel tank sump drains
  • US DOT Motor Carrier coded MC306 and 406 fuel tanks
  • Emergency Shutoff Lever
  • Vapor recovery port